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LWVMA Joins Gun Safety Coalition

The LWVMA Board voted to join the Mass Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, a group working to enact additional gun safety legislation in the state and to encourage stricter enforcement of existing laws.  This move is consistent with LWVUS’s decision to make gun safety a national League priority.

The coalition is supporting legislation that achieves these goals:

  1. Universal background checks for ALL gun purchases, including private sales and gun shows.
  2. A strengthened background check system (by supporting MA joining the federal NICS database; MA is one of only nine states that has not yet joined).
  3. A suitability standard for all gun licenses with discretion for local licensing authorities.
  4. Prohibition of military assault weapons and high-capacity magazine clips.
  5. Stronger penalties, improved enforcement and improved law enforcement training for gun-related crimes, including failure to report lost or stolen guns and trafficking of firearms.