Equality and Justice

LWVMA Supports Pay Equity for Women

The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts supports House bill 1733 and Senate bill 983, an Act to Establish Pay Equity.  Since its inception almost 100 years ago, the League of Women Voters has worked for equal rights for women.

While Massachusetts is now among the top states for women workers when it comes to earnings, labor force participation, and the percentage of women in leadership and professional positions, it still ranks only 22nd on the projected year that it will close the gender wage gap−2058.1

The inequity in wages is significantly greater in low-wage jobs, which are principally held by women from minority communities, which translates into lower family income and more poverty in families with women working in these jobs.

These bills mandate that “no employer shall discriminate on the basis of gender in any way” related to wages for like or comparable work; require job evaluation plans; and restrict potential employers regarding asking for an applicant’s salary history.

These bills also include components including minimum rate of pay in job postings; the stipulation that a lesser pay rate than that posted for the position is unlawful; and that employees cannot be restricted or punished for discussing salary.

The League believes these bills will go a long way toward freeing women in the Massachusetts workforce from actual or perceived wage discrimination practices.

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