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LWVMA Testifies on Paper Ballots, Sex Education

LWVMA testified recently at hearings on bills to insure the Commonwealth uses paper ballots and to institute medically-accurate, age-appropriate health education, including sex education, in the schools.

Carole Pelchat, vice president, program and action, spoke at a May 14 hearing of the Joint Committee on Education in support of S.209 and H.450, An Act relative to healthy youth.  The bills are sponsored by Sen. Katherine Clark and Rep. James O’Day.

In written testimony to the committee, LWVMA stated, “S.209 and H.450 offer both good public policy and equal access by ensuring that children everywhere in the state will get an age-appropriate education in all health-related issues, including those related to sex education. They also uphold the existing state law that lets parents opt-out their children from sex education programs.” Read the full testimony.

Linda Freedman, specialist on elections and voting rights, testified May 15 at a hearing of the Joint Committee on Election Laws in support of S.324 – An Act requiring a paper ballot and H.600 – An Act to ensure secure voting equipment.

She noted that “paper ballots are readily recountable and necessary for an accurate audit of the vote,” and that, while Massachusetts currently uses paper ballots, a law is necessary to prevent any move away from paper ballots. Read the full testimony.