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Now Is the Time: State Program Planning 2023

Time is running out for local Leagues, Units, and Members-at-Large to participate in planning what LWVMA will focus on in 2023-2025. Program recommendations from local Leagues are due Friday, March 10.

Every other year, the LWVMA Board, with the help of the Legislative Action Committee, proposes 4 or 5 main areas of action and advocacy. Local Leagues are asked both to approve or suggest changes to the proposed action priorities and goals. All members should have received a list of the proposed priorities and goals this month; the full Guide to Program Planning was sent to League and Unit leaders and Members-at-Large (MALs). All materials are now available on the LWVMA Program Planning page here.

Studies of possible new positions, reviews and updates of current positions, and concurrences with the positions of other states can be proposed during Program Planning. Local League leaders will schedule program planning activities for your League with responses due to LWVMA by Mar. 10. 

For those new to Program Planning or wanting a refresher, a town hall was held on Jan. 11. You can access that recording here

Questions? Contact the Program Planning co-chairs, Marie Gauthier and Courtney Henderson, at

See proposed concurrences, studies and additional action priorities suggested by other local Leagues here