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LWVMA Video on Financing Local Campaigns

Jason Tait, education director for the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, explains the steps candidates in local elections need to take to meet campaign finance regulations in a video produced by the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts.

In the 25-minute video, “Run for Office: Campaign Finance,” Tait outlines what candidates in city and town elections need to do to comply with the state’s disclosure requirements and points out the information available on OCPF’s website.

Local Leagues are encouraged to use this video when they hold presentations on how to run for office, to post it on their websites, and to make sure candidates in the current town election season are aware of it. Leagues can ask their local cable stations to offer this video; cable stations can download it from the Mass Media eXchange, a network to distribute programming operated by Mass Access, the community media advocacy organization.

Leagues can also promote it to the general public as a way to learn more about campaign finance.

This video will be part of a series of LWVMA videos on how to run for local office.

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