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Massachusetts Leagues Participate in Two LWVUS Studies

Leagues in Massachusetts are working together to participate in two LWVUS studies. This process began at National League convention where the body adopted a study on the Constitutional Amendment Process and an Update to our Campaign Finance positions, under the umbrella topic “Structures of Democracy”.

Why do Leagues do studies?  It is a process unique to LWV.  We consider all sides of an issue, then reach member consensus leading to the development of a position(s) on issues.  This thoughtfulness sets us apart and helps us retain our respected reputation.

Local Leagues across the country are forming committees to review the study materials and put together programs and consensus meetings.

What is consensus?  Participating members discuss both pros and cons of an issue and arrive at a mutual agreement within the consensus group, often termed a “sense of the members” or member understanding. It is not a vote!

After the consensus meeting, the team working on each meeting will make a written recommendation summarizing the result of the consensus meeting to the local League Board/Steering Committee.  The Board/Steering Committee will review the outcome, vote approval, and submit the report to the National League study team (LWVUS).

How is a new or updated position reached?  All the responses from local Leagues across the nation are reviewed by the National League study team. The National League study team develops a proposed position for the National LWV Board to review and adopt.  Once adopted, it becomes the position of the League of Women Voters and becomes the basis for action.

About the two studies

  1. Constitutional Amendment Process
    The League has no position on the Constitutional Amendment process, as delineated in Article V of the US Constitution. This study will seek to develop guidelines for evaluating constitutional amendment proposals, various aspects of an Article V constitutional convention, and how the League should balance process and positions in evaluating amendment proposals.
  2. Money in Politics/ Campaign Finance
    Recent Supreme Court decisions have raised questions about campaign finance that are not addressed by the current National League (LWVUS) position on Campaign Finance, which states: The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the methods of financing political campaigns should ensure the public’s right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, enable candidates to compete more equitably, allow maximum citizen participation in the political process (1974, 1982).This study will examine the current state of campaign finance and determine if and how the League position should be modified.

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