Managing Your League

This section is designed to help with questions, issues or concerns that may arise when managing your League. The national League (LWVUS) and state League (LWVMA) have developed a considerable number of documents and suggestions to address the business side of League management.

Materials for new (and not so new) presidents and board members: Here are a few highly recommended resources:

  • Local League Basics (2016), from LWVMA, has basic information about governance, membership, communications, and finance.
  • League Basics Download, from LWVUS, has great information to help you get up to speed. Be aware that the links in the pdf file, sadly, don’t always work as national is updating its website. After searching a bit and still can’t find something, contact us at
  • Policies, Bylaws and Guidelines contains two very important documents to read: Board Policy Handbook and Bylaws and Certificates of Incorporation.
  • League Logo and Branding contains the latest look in logos, and more. This information is handy for letterheads and templates, especially if you don’t have a communications pro in your organization! There’s even a website template kit listed.
  • Online Organizing Toolkit is a must! This 24-page document (pdf format) helps you think through your strategy for eCommunications and is brand new (July 2015). Very useful for all Leagues.
  • Local League Job Descriptions: President, Board or Steering Committee Member, Treasurer, Membership Chair
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your League. Click here to download the Local League Vitality Assessment Tool.
  • Business Card Templates for local Leagues
  • Information for Treasurers: Managing local League finances is critical to the success of a vibrant and thriving League. Guidance tips and current information on PMPs are addressed.
  • LWV Guidance documents: Membership and Leadership Development are key to sustaining your organization. The documents developed by LWVUS include ideas and suggestions, and things to think about on all facets of managing a League, such as coaching, visibility, leadership, program and more!
  • Archiving League Records


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