LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Study and Money in Politics Review and Update

The League of Women Voters has embarked on the study process for two national studies in 2015-2016.  This process began at National League convention in 2014 where the body adopted a study on the Constitutional Amendment Process and an Update to our Campaign Finance positions, under the umbrella topic “Structures of Democracy.” The Constitutional Amendment Study consensus period ended on December 1, 2015, and the positions have been announced. The Money in Politics Study consensus period ended on February 1, 2016, and the LWVUS study committee and board will be developing positions based on the participating local Leagues’ input. For information pertaining to each study click on the links below:

Local League Participation in the Studies

In Massachusetts 15 Leagues joined 246 nationwide and participated in the Constitutional Amendment Study. Congratulations and thanks to the Leagues that submitted a consensus report: Acton Area, Amherst, Arlington, Cape Cod Area, Concord-Carlisle, Falmouth, Marblehead, Needham, Newton, Northampton Area, Norwood, Sudbury, Wellesley, Westwood-Walpole-Dedham, Winchester.

For information and assistance on participating in these studies contact the LWVMA Studies Steering Committee at lwvus.studies@lwvma.org.

Materials to assist your League (both studies)

Local League Studies Calendar

The calendar will be updated as events are planned.

Watch the Webinar

LWVUS held a webinar on July 29, 2015 about participating in the studies. The webinar is a great place to start with planning for the studies. Click here to view the webinar.

Description of Study Process Organization and Activities

A study committee is a group of members who will lead the local League (or group of Leagues) through the study process. Ultimately, it is up to the local League to determine how the committee will function. The committee may meet regularly, review and discuss materials and issues, use an on-line forum, conduct information sessions, etc. The study committee is also instrumental in conducting the consensus meeting.

An information session can take different forms. It may be a public forum or discussion, or it may be in conjunction with the consensus meeting. It may be more specific to the study and the consensus questions. The LWVUS MIP committee has prepared a ‘Meeting in a Box’ to assist local Leagues in introducing and exploring the study topic.

A consensus meeting is held in order to reach consensus and report on the consensus questions provided by LWVUS. Local Leagues can join another League’s study committee and information sessions, but have its own consensus meeting. Regional consensus meetings can be held, but each League must prepare its own consensus report based on the consensus of its members.