Money in Politics Review and Update

The consensus reports for the Money in Politics Review and Update were due February 1, 2016. Congratulations to the local Leagues in Massachusetts who participated in this important study!

Money in Politics Review and Update Timeline

  • October 2015-February 1, 2016: Leagues hold consensus meetings.
  • February 1, 2016: Consensus reports (electronic) from Leagues due to LWVUS.
  • April 2016: LWVUS Board meeting – consensus reports and resulting position(s), if any, approved.

LWVUS has set up a Money in Politics Google Group, and you can link to and join this group from here.

Consensus Questions for Money in Politics Review and Update

Background Materials for Money in Politics Review and Update

Current Status of Campaign Finance

Reference Material

Materials for Local League Participation

  • Money in Politics (MIP) Powerpoint Presentation and Script
    Meeting-ready overview of money in politics issues for Leagues to use in meetings for members and the community. Includes a powerpoint (ppt) and pdf versions, and tips for presenters.
  • LWVUS Money in Politics (MIP) Review Meetings in a Box: Education Resources and Suggested Uses
    Ready-to-use resources and strategies to help understand the current system of campaign finance regulation. These materials are intended to engage members and the general citizenry on MIP issues as they are evidenced nationally and in states and communities.
  • Newsletter Article 1: Money and Politics Suggested Readings
  • Newsletter Article 2: Money and Politics More Suggested Readings
  • For information and assistance on participating in these studies contact the LWVMA Studies Steering Committee at
  • Editable flyer to announce MIP meetings from LWV Marblehead
  • LWV Marblehead is providing a series of “briefs” to warm members up for the studies, and they are happy to share. Contact Kathy Leonardson.

Report Your Consensus Results On-Line