Michelle Kweder

Executive Director |mkweder@lwvma.org

Michelle Kweder joined LWVMA as Executive Director in March 2019. Michelle brings two decades of non-profit, public sector, academic and political experience, as well as a commitment and passion for the League’s non-partisan work to encourage the active and informed participation of citizens in their government through education and advocacy.

For the past 11 years Michelle has had her own consulting practice focused on comprehensive resource development services; partnerships and strategic alliances; board development; succession planning; strategic planning; and facilitation and training. Clients include numerous non-profit organizations in the Greater Boston area, including Boston Public Schools, Boston’s Citywide Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity, College Visions, Discover Roxbury, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, Tufts University, and YW Boston. She has held positions at both Simmons University and Harvard Law School, and has previously worked in both the public and nonprofit sector. Michelle is a resident of Somerville.

Michelle holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in Women’s Studies from Hamilton College, an MBA from Simmons College, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration, Organizations and Social Change from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.