Nancy Brumback

Nancy BrumbackDirector | | Local League: Sudbury

Nancy Brumback was first elected an LWVMA director in 2011 and, from 2013-15, served as 2nd vice president, overseeing legislation and program planning and chairing the Legislative Action Committee.  She has served on the nominating, communications, website development, online voters’ guide and bottle bill committees. Nancy represents LWVMA on coalitions to combat voter suppression and reform election laws with such organizations as Common Cause, ACLU and MassVOTE.

Nancy first became involved with LWVMA working on candidates’ forums for Congressional District and U. S. Senate special elections. In the Sudbury League, she is voter service co-chair.

Professionally, Nancy has been a journalist since high school and still works as a freelance reporter. She graduated from the College of William & Mary and has a master’s degree from New York University. Nancy is a director of Sudbury TV, the non-profit corporation for Sudbury’s cable channels.