Money and Politics

New “Money In Politics” Toolkit Now Available

The new Money in Politics Toolkit from LWVUS is now available. This latest version represents the culmination of many years of work on this critical area of League advocacy.

As stated in the introduction of the kit: “YOU have a right to know WHO is running for office, WHO is raising money for WHICH candidates, HOW MUCH money are they raising, and HOW that money is being spent. YOU have a right to elections that are free from corruption and undue influence. CANDIDATES have a right to a fair and equitable contest that promotes strong citizen participation. WE ALL have a right to a democracy that works for all. Reform starts at home! Dive into how your community and state regulates money in politics and then advocate for reforms where needed. We’re here to help! Use the ACTION Kit to get you started.”

The Action Kit, sample letter to the editor, and questions for elected officials can all be found here. It’s time to take this action to the next level! The Action Kit will be an invaluable resource for local Leagues and all concerned citizens working to take on this issue.