A new state study of the ballot question process in Massachusetts will be conducted over the next two years with local League consensus meetings likely in the fall of 2018 through early 2019, leading to a position presented to convention in 2019.

The scope of the study will be to review Massachusetts laws and regulations that govern the ballot question process, consider the consequences of current law based on past ballot questions, and propose concrete next steps that LWVMA could take to enact change, if the study results in recommended change.  Those concrete steps could include drafts of legislation and/or Constitutional amendments needed to implement any recommended changes. By proposing concrete steps, the League will be ready to take action based on the study’s positions.

Examples of areas of study will include but are not limited to the goals of ballot questions; funding; signature requirements; the length, subject matter and complexity of ballot questions; and the regulations around accepting and rejecting signatures. Research will include but not be limited to procedures in other states, past Massachusetts ballot questions, funds expended, and procedures for changing current laws and procedures.

If you are interested in serving on the study committee to develop materials and questions, please complete the application by downloading the document in Word, completing it, and emailing it to bgorman@lwvma.org.