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October 2023 Scharfman Grants Awarded to Six Leagues

LWV Melrose:  LWV Melrose was awarded a grant for a voter education forum that was televised live. Melrose has a mayoral election this fall as well as a city council election.

LWV Cape Cod Area: LWV Cape Cod Area was awarded a grant for the first in-person speaker event in the Florence Seldin “Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport” Speaker Series. The  event was held on October 14th  on the topic of “Media, Misinformation and the Protection of Democracy.”  Featured speakers included Dr. Joan Donovan, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Emerging Media Studies, and Dan Kennedy, Professor of Journalism at Northeastern University. The speakers discussed how misinformation is spread and what  consumers of news can do to protect themselves from it and ensure that they don’t disseminate it. The importance of sustaining local news was also discussed. 

LWV Martha’s Vineyard: LWV Martha’s Vineyard was awarded a grant to hold 6 candidate forums; one for each town in Martha’s Vineyard. The forums were open to the public at no cost. The forums were taped and shown on MVTV.

LWV Winchester: LWV Winchester was awarded a grant to purchase a “get out the vote” banner.  The large banner was displayed in a high-traffic location in advance of all elections. This year they had two opportunities to hang the banner: the March 5, 2024 statewide primary and the March 26, 2024 annual town election. 

LWV Westford: LWV Westford was awarded a grant to print town meeting booklets. The 28-page booklet describes the entire process of Westford’s open Town Meeting. It includes sections on the participants, articles and motions, the debate, and voting. It is an invaluable reference for all those who attend Town Meeting. The free Guide is available at Town Meetings, Town Hall, in the library, and at LWV Westford events. 

LWV Hamilton-Wenham: LWV Hamilton Wenham was awarded a grant to  to help support modest honoraria for event speakers on the following topics: Civics 101; Local Print Journalism as a Cornerstone of Democracy; Sustainability; Affordable Housing; Media Literacy; and Water resources & Conservation. Additionally LWVHW is reprinting “Running for Office” booklets that will be available during election season at the Hamilton and Wenham Town Halls.