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LWV Williamstown


LWV Williamstown Contacts

P. O. Box 392
Williamstown, MA 02167


Anne Skinner, President
Jane Nicholls, Secretary
Phyllis Riley, Treasurer
Maria Greig Williams, Voter Service
Margo Bowden, At-Large
Isabel Jacobs, At Large

Spring Street Registration

Current Issues

The LWV recognizes that both open space and affordable housing are important aspects of community life.  The Williamstown LWV feels, however, that given the devastation of Hurricane Irene and the immediate human crisis for former residents of the Spruces, our town would be best served by development of a portion of the Lowry property – originally intended for a new high school — for housing.

The Spruces current location would replace the open space of the Lowry property with land accessible to the entire town for open space recreation.  We look forward to hosting one or more discussions on this issue in the coming months.