LWVMA Legislative Specialists​

Legislative Action Chair | Jen Muroff
Affordable Housing | Lori Stewart, Lucy Kennedy
Basic Human Needs | Clare Gordon
Children and Family Issues | Palma McLaughlin
Criminal Legal System | Nancy Bettinger, Leslie Nelken
Education (K-12) |
Elder Affairs | Pat Costello
Elections and Voting | Nancy Brumback, Nell Forgacs
Environment: Climate Emergency and Energy | Launa Zimmaro
Environment: Natural Resources |Carolyn Lee
Fiscal Policy | June Michaels
Good Governance | Carolyn Lee
Gun Violence Prevention|  Sue McCalley
Health Care | Ellen Church, Andrea Bresnahan
Immigration | Amy Cooper
Racial Justice| Felina Silver
Transportation| Franny Osman, Lois Levin
Women’s Issues | Jan Soma

To reach any of the legislative specialists, email​