Suggested Email Follow-up Message:

Copy the suggested message below to follow up with the individual that you called by email (please adapt to your own style!) 

Hi [first name],

I’m sorry I missed you today OR It was great to speak with you today. As I mentioned on the phone OR As I mentioned in my voice message, I’m a fellow League member who is volunteering on this year’s Phonathon fundraiser – thank you so much for your previous generosity to the Massachusetts League.  I would be so appreciative of your support again this year as the League continues its work to empower voters and defend democracy – we can’t do this without you!

Our annual League phonathon has a goal of raising $70,000.  Importantly, 20% of all donations from local League members will be shared with that member’s  local League – so this is a great way to raise money for the state League as well as for local Leagues.

To make an online donation, please click HERE.  If you prefer to donate by check, you’ll soon receive a follow-up note and donation envelope from me in the snail mail.

Thank you again for your generosity and support as we continue our critical work to empower voters and defend democracy for all in Massachusetts!


[your name]

Template Text Message:

Copy the message below and paste it into a text message (if you prefer this method over phone call, and have the person’s cell number).

Hi [first name],

It’s [your name], your fellow LWV of [town] member.  I’m volunteering for the annual MA League’s Phonathon – thanks for your past support and I hope you will consider a gift this year!  20% of all donations will be shared with our local League!  Please go click here to donate – thanks so much: