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Request a Mail Ballot Online

Massachusetts voters can now request a vote-by-mail ballot online.  The new mail-in ballot application system is available at See the Election Modernization Coalition’s full statement here.
Registered voters can request a mail-in ballot online, and the request will go directly to their local election official.  First the system verifies that you are a registered voter. Then, on the submit screen, it asks if you would like the ballot delivered to an address other than the one on your registration.
The Secretary of the Commonwealth has indicated that ballots will be delivered to local election officials between Oct. 6 and 9, and then the officials can send ballots to those who have requested a mail ballot.  Any registered voter can vote by mail in the Nov. 3 election.  Mail ballots should be returned to local election officials as soon as possible, either by mail, delivered directly to the election office, or deposited in a secure ballot dropbox.  Location of dropboxes is on your town election official website or on the Secretary’s website here. Track your ballot at  It will say “pending” if you have already applied for a mail ballot until the election officials have the ballots available to mail to you.
In-person early voting is available Oct. 17-Oct. 30, including on the weekends.  Find hours and locations at