Join the Ballot Question Process Study

The just-finished election included three ballot questions that left voters scratching their heads!  And that points to the need for our current ballot question process study. For Question 1 on nurses staffing, many said they did not know why or how voters should be expected to decide this issue.  This question may break the record […]

The LWVMA Study on the Massachusetts Ballot Question Process

LWVMA Position The Initiative and Referendum Process in Massachusetts LWVMA studied the process for statewide citizen-initiated ballot questions in 2018-2019. 36 local Leagues held consensus meetings in connection with this study.  The membership approved this position at the LWVMA Convention on June 8, 2019. The League confirmed that it supports having a mechanism for three […]

New State Study

A new state study of the ballot question process in Massachusetts will be conducted over the next two years with local League consensus meetings likely in the fall of 2018 through early 2019, leading to a position presented to convention in 2019. The scope of the study will be to review Massachusetts laws and regulations […]

New League Positions on Campaign Finance, Constitutional Amendment

Over the past year, Leagues across the country participated in two national studies: the Constitutional Amendment Study and the Money in Politics study. The two studies have led to new national positions based on the input of local and state Leagues. The Constitutional Amendment study led to two positions, on considerations for evaluating Constitutional amendment […]

Study Guides and Consensus Questions Now Available for LWVUS Studies

Find information on the LWVUS studies quickly! Most of the materials for the two studies—on the Constitutional amendment process and on Money in Politics—are now available. The easiest way to get to these resources is to go to, look on the right under Quick Links, and choose LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Study and Money in […]