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Voting Rights Groups Call for Urgent Action on HD 5075, a Bill Supported by Over 100 Organizations to Safeguard Fall Elections

Voting rights organizations including Common Cause Massachusetts, MassVOTE, the League of Women … More

LWVMA Asks Legislature to Pass Bill to Safeguard Fall Elections

LWVMA and our partners in the Election Modernization Coalition are asking the legislature to send … More

Join us June 13 for Council 2020

We are thrilled that MIT Professor Charles Stewart will be the keynote speaker for our Council 2020 … More

100th Anniversary Webinar Series

To celebrate LWVMA’s 100th Anniversary, we are hosting a webinar series focusing on our history and … More

Effective Ways to Raise Civic Engagement among Younger People: Webinar with Nancy Thomas

On Thursday, May 21 Nancy Thomas, Director of The Institute for Democracy & Higher Education … More

April 2020 Scharfman Grants Awarded to Four Local Leagues

Four local Leagues received Lotte E. Scharfman Citizen Education grants in April 2020: LWV … More

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Action Priorities

Improving Elections

✓Automatic Voter Registration
✓Election Day Registration
✓Voter Education and Mobilization


Campaign Finance Reform

✓Money in Politics Toolkit
✓Disclosure and Transparency
✓Public Financing


Civic Education and Civil Discourse

✓Civic Education in Schools
✓Daniel Scharfman Citizen Education Grants
✓Educational Forums


Climate Change and the Environment

✓Climate and Energy Solutions Series
✓Achieving 100% Renewable Energy
✓Carbon Pricing
✓Climate Change Toolkit


Equality and Justice

✓Reforming the Criminal Justice System
✓Immigration and Safe Communities
✓Meeting Basic Human Needs
✓Gun Safety