Starting a New League

LWVMA welcomes interest in starting a new LWV chapter. LWVMA will help you in this process, please contact us for information on the process.

Information on starting a new League

League Disbandment

From time to time local Leagues may determine they do not have adequate resources to continue as a local League. If a local League is beginning to struggle to stay active, before deciding to disband, the LWVMA Membership and Local League Services Committee would like to discuss revitalization efforts with the leadership of the local League and provide assistance in these efforts.

In the event that the decision is to disband, the local League must file the appropriate documents with LWVMA and LWVUS to disband and also remove their members from the membership database. The LWVMA office can assist in completing these tasks, email

Members of disbanded Leagues will be encouraged to join as a Member-at-Large or consider joining an area League.