• June 2010, the LWVMA Board of Directors voted to develop a strategic plan to cover three years (fiscal years 2012–2014).
  • October 2010-February 2011, the Strategic Planning Committee developed Plan.
  • March 2011, Strategic Plan completed and released to membership.
  • May 2011, Strategic Plan approved by membership at Convention.
  • June 2011, Implementation of Plan, ongoing through May 2014.
  • January-March 2013, LWVMA Board of Directors will re-evaluate goals for years 3 and 4.
  • May 2013, Revised Strategic Plan updated approved by membership at Convention 2013.

Major Recommendations of Strategic Plan (2011)

  • Change the Funding Model to expand revenue sources, while limiting expenditures.
  • Create strong connections between LWVMA and local Leagues through the Presidents Council, improved communications and leadership development at the state level.
  • Focus Activities of Program and Action on a limited number of issues  to achieve maximum impact and through strong working relationships with issue-oriented coalitions and across branches of government.
  • Voter Service will be a priority. Emphasis will be placed on the local Leagues’ strengthening their ability to provide Voter Service/Citizen Education.  LWVMA Voter Service will  also coordinate area and regional activities.
  • Shift LWVMA board structure and operations to implement strategic priorities.
  • Read the Executive Summary.

Strategic Plan Update (2013)

  • During 2012-2013, the LWVMA board revisited the Strategic Plan and presented an update for approval at Convention May 17-18, 2013.
  • The Updated Strategic Plan may be found on page 52 of the Convention Workbook, available here.