•  Date
 11/6/2014DocumentTestimony before the Special Advisory Commission regarding the compensation of Public Officials
 7/16/2014 DocumentS.2281 An Act to promote public safety and protect access to reproductive health care facilities.
6/3/2014DocumentH.4121 An Act relative to the reduction of gun violence
3/6/2014DocumentH.3848 An Act Updating the Bottle Bill
3/6/2014DocumentH.920 / S.426 An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in Insurance Policies
3/6/2014DocumentH.838 / S.427 An Act Providing Equitable Coverage in Disability Policies
1/7/2014DocumentH.805 An Act to Mitigate Water Resource Impacts
12/4/13DocumentS.335, S.339, H.572, H.580, H.586, H.589, H.592, H.622, H.626, H.3308 All bills proposing requiring some type of identification at the polls when people vote
12/4/13DocumentH.579 and S.314 An Act Establishing Election Day Registration
10/30/13DocumentS.203 and S.254 An Act to Involve Youth in Civic Engagement
10/22/13DocumentS.514 – An Act to establish a public health insurance option, S.572/H.1053 – An Act to ensure effective health care cost control, S.515/H.1035 – An Act establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts
10/18/2013DocumentH.2783 and H.2787 related to Ease of Public Access to Public Records
H.613 and H.618 Related to Election Audits
S.321/H.651, S.320/H.559 and H.630 related to Election Campaign Financing Disclosure and Reform
H.2943 and S.1588 An Act updating the bottle bill
Gun Saftey Legislation (no bill yet)
S.37 and H.93 An Act Promoting Financial Stability and Asset Development – Encourages vocational education and other policies to enable low-income parents to become self-sufficient. Press Release
S.324 and H.600 An Act requiring a paper ballot/secure voting equipment
S.209 and H.450 An Act relative to healthy youth