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2020 Census Toolkit

The 2020 Census will start on March 12 and be completed by the end of August. This decennial population count is mandated by the US Constitution. The results of this population count are critically important to individuals, our local communities, and Massachusetts. The population count will determine:

  • The number of representatives Massachusetts will have in Congress and in the Electoral College.
  • Redistricting maps that will be drawn in 2021 for the US House of Representatives, the state legislature, local school districts for schools, and city councils. These districts will define our election maps for the next ten years.
  • Allocation of $600 billion of federal funds annually for programs such as Medicare/Medicaid, housing programs, transportation programs, education programs, and SNAP. Massachusetts received $22 billion in 2016 based on 2010 Census results. These funds are a benefit to every resident of Massachusetts.

A complete count in the 2020 Census is important so that Massachusetts and its residents are fairly represented in our federal, state, and local governments and to ensure receipt of our fair share of federal funds allocated to states, cities, towns, and schools.

You and your local League can help ensure a complete count by pledging to be counted and working within your community to educate and encourage others to participate.  You can find your local Complete Count Committee here or you can start your own complete count committee using the resources provided in this toolkit.

Guide for complete count committees.

Timeline for Key Census Activities

January-March 12:  Inform public about census/Encourage participation/Form or join complete count committees.

March 12: Self response period starts–online, by phone, or by mail in form.   All households will receive a letter inviting all households to respond online.

April 1:  Census Day–promote participation in the Census in your community.

April:  Group quarters will be counted (i.e., College student living quarters, group housing, assisted living centers, prisons, homeless shelters). More information available here.

May 13:  Nonresponse Follow-up will begin.

Late August:  Nonresponse Follow-up ends.

Census Form

The Census form has 10 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete.
There will not be a question about citizenship on the form.


Information and flyers on Census Scams and Disinformation

Counting in the Time of Coronavirus

2020 Census FAQ’s

Census Protection Hotline Partner Toolkit

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