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COVID-19 Local League Toolkit

Our lives have changed abruptly due to the coronavirus pandemic – first and foremost, we urge you to take all necessary steps to keep your members and the public safe.  LWVMA stands with you and is working hard to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in.  Here are some resources we hope will be helpful as you navigate the pitfalls to continuing the League’s critical mission to Make Democracy Work!  Please check back often as we will do our best to provide timely updates to this toolkit.
If you are interested in holding meetings via video conference, LWVMA may be able to assist with the technology for that. Please read our Zoom Guide for Local Leagues and/or email Brynne Gorman for further details.

More Information About Online Resources:

Online Meeting Resources (from LWV Oregon)

Nonprofits: What You Need to Know About Hosting Effective Virtual Meetings (via Boardable)

LWVMA Resources to Support League Work:

League Leader Discussion on Adapting to Coronavirus Pandemic (video)

League Leader Discussion on Adapting to Coronavirus Pandemic

A Message from the LWVMA Voter Engagement Committee

An Update on Holding Elections During the Pandemic

Planning for LWVMA Council and Local League Annual Meetings in the Time of COVID-19  (April 8, 2020)

LWVUS Resources:

COVID (Coronavirus) Guidance for Leagues

Guidance for Voter Registration Activities During COVID-19

How to Use LWVUS Positions for Advocacy in Light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)