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“Who Is the League” Presentation

Purpose and Uses

The LWVMA Membership Committee has developed a presentation for local League use. The presentation is available in PowerPoint and PDF formats. It includes a short video about the formation of the League in 1920, and is followed by slides that describe the League, its mission, and its activities. The presentation culminates in video clips of League members telling their reasons why they joined the League.

Suggested uses include new member events, annual and opening meetings, presentations to community groups, presentations to new or potential members, and more.

The PowerPoint files can be edited and customized to fit the audience and purpose. You should feel free to insert information and photos about your League activities, and perhaps add a slide about how to join.

Because of the embedded videos, the files are too large to store on the website. We have therefore put them into a Google Drive with a shared link which anyone with the link should be able to access.

The files, including a usage guide and a speaker’s script, can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

“Who Is the League” has separate component parts for more flexibility, and Leagues are encouraged to use the components that are appropriate for a given audience. Please look at the “LWVMA Who Is the League Usage Guide” for information on the files, instructions for downloading, and other information.

Components of “Who Is the League?”

The folder is called “Who Is the League”. There are 4 files in the folder, numbered 1-4, plus the Guide. Read the descriptions below and decide which files you want to download to your computer.

The PowerPoint with Videos:
1-With videos-Who Is the League PowerPoint Mar2020.pptx
This PowerPoint is the complete package, and it can be modified to add or remove slides, edit existing slides, remove the videos, etc. using Microsoft PowerPoint. It also includes the script in the text box, or you can use the separate script file (see below).

The PowerPoint with no Videos:
2-No videos-Who Is the League PowerPoint Mar2020.pptx
This PowerPoint has blank slides (which can removed) where the videos had been.

3-Script for Who is the League Mar2020.docx
The script is a Word file that can be downloaded. It provides text for each slide in the PDF or the PowerPoint.

The Opening Video: The League is Born
“The Leagues is Born” is a 2.5-minute video about the creation of LWV. It is embedded into the PowerPoint with Videos and can be viewed independently here.

The Closing Video, I Joined the League of Women Voters Because…
This 1.5-minute video is a compilation of short videos contributed by League members who completed the statement “I joined the League of Women Voters because…” It is embedded into the PowerPoint and can be viewed independently here.

PDF of PowerPoint with Videos
4-With videos-Who Is the League PDF Mar2020.pdf
A PDF with opening video, slides, and closing video is also available.