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Video Contest Toolkit

LWVMA is pleased to announce its seventh annual Student Video Contest, sponsored by the LWVMA Citizen Education Fund.  The theme for this year’s contest is the Teen Voting Rights Challenge.

We invite Massachusetts high school students to create and submit 30-second public service announcements to raise public awareness around the question of why should or why shouldn’t 16-year-olds have the right to vote.

Students can upload videos to the contest website between  February 7 and April 30, 2020.  The first-place award is $500; second-place, $250; and third-place, $100.  All winners will be invited to attend an award ceremony at the Massachusetts State House, and winning videos will be publicized. Click here to enter the contest website.   A pdf of the contest rules can be found here.  Click here for the Parent/Guardian Permission Form and the Actor Release.


Your League’s personal outreach to your local high schools and other organizations encouraging participation will be a great help toward getting the word out about the contest.

Suggested Actions:

  • Consider assigning a member with a high school student or high school contacts to be the point person on the program for your League.
  • Emails about the contest will be sent to Massachusetts high schools, but may not reach the people you know. Please email personal contacts (high school administrators, educators, students) directly using the suggested email.
  • Announce the contest and distribute a flyer at League and other local events.
  • Submit a letter to the editor to your local paper in February, March or April. The sample letter can be modified and your local League contacts added at the end.
  • Post information about the contest on your website.  You can find a sample post here.
  • Share LWVMA’s Facebook posts about the contest on your Facebook wall.
  • Discuss the contest and ideas for outreach at your next board meeting.
  • Many Leagues have members who are teachers in other cities/towns. Ask them to promote the program at the high school in these cities/towns, especially if there is no League in the city/town.
  • Talk the contest up wherever you are whenever you can!

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