LWVMA has advocated for accurate, age-appropriate sex education in our public schools for over eleven years through our support of the Healthy Youth Act bill (H544/S268). Of great concern was that the sex education curriculum hadn’t been updated since 1999 so schools did not have useful guidelines to follow. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education unanimously voted to approve a comprehensive new set of guidelines on Sept. 19. Thank you to all who submitted a public comment. During the public comment period, LWVMA submitted testimony supporting the new guidelines. You can view the final guidelines document here.  The Healthy Youth Act will receive a public hearing on October 10 and we will submit testimony in support of the bill. The bill calls for schools that teach sex ed to use up-to-date curriculum that is scientifically correct. The Healthy Youth bill would require the new curriculum so schools would need to decide between not teaching any sex ed. or teach the accurate sex ed.