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What’s Up with Offshore Wind? Webinar Series Wrap-up

The final webinar in this 3-part series, co-sponsored by New England for Offshore Wind (NE4OSW) aired January 18. It built on the previous two and provided accurate, current information on the state of offshore wind development in Massachusetts with focus on the benefits and obstacles encountered by the industry – from valid concerns about environmental impacts as well as disinformation and misinformation spread to stall or stop the installations.

We were honored to have opening remarks from Katie Theoharides, former Secretary of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Katie’s remarks provided a candid description of the great potential wind energy holds for Massachusetts as well as the roadblocks she encountered from fossil fuel-based entities determined to halt progress of this vital industry. The webinar featured experts, Alex Goldstein (90 West) and Jennifer Delony (NE4OSW), who provided slides and a toolkit on how to effectively address disinformation. Scroll down to Webinar III: Conflicts and Solutions: Overcoming Offshore Wind Opposition to find the link to the recording, toolkit and slides