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Why contribute to Phonathon?

As with so many other nonprofit organizations, membership dues do not cover all of our expenses. We rely on donations to help fund our small, but highly effective, staff; our operations; and our outreach efforts.

Your donation to LWVMA supports:

  • Lobbying
  • Voter Service and Citizen Education Programs
  • Communications
  • Events
  • Membership initiatives

Successes from previous year:


  • Helped ensure passage of Automatic Voter Registration, Civic Ed, Criminal Justice Reform, and Energy bills
  • Our 19 legislative specialists followed and provided testimony on over 75 bills
  • Organized League Lobby Day (“Day on the Hill”) plus two additional lobby days in support of Automatic Voter Registration with our partners in the Election Modernization Coalition
  • Participated in lobby days with other coalitions on women’s and energy/environment issues
  • Established Legislative Envoy program, which now includes 15 envoys

Voter Service and Citizen Education Programs

  • online voters’ guide reached almost 23,000 voters
  • LWVMA co-sponsored candidate forums for Lt. Governor and 2nd Congressional District
  • “Get In the Game and Vote” High School Video Contest engaged hundreds of students around the state
  • April 2018 “Beyond the March” conference engaged 150 attendees
  • Climate and Energy Solutions Series: 5 forums around the state plus webinars


  • 12 League Leader Updates
  • 4 Mass League Voter e-newsletters
  • 19 Mass Action e-newsletters
  • 22 separate Action Alerts
  • 4 Quarterly Updates to friends and supporters
  • Annual Report


  • April 2018 “Beyond the March” conference
  • “Get In the Game and Vote” High School Video Contest award ceremony
  • Climate and Energy Solutions Series

Membership Initiatives

  • Held 12 Field Service meetings
  • Provided administrative and financial support for 5 new units
  • Granted $4000 to local Leagues through Daniel Scharfman Citizen education Grants
  • Sent over $7,000 to local Leagues through Fall Appeal/Phonathon revenue sharing

What is the difference between donating to LWVMA as opposed to Lotte E. Scharfman Citizen Education Fund?

  • Funds donated to LWVMA may be used for advocacy and membership-oriented programs and materials. Donations to LWVMA, a 501(c)(4) organization, are NOT tax-deductible.
  • Funds donated to the Citizen Education Fund are limited to supporting citizen education and voter service programs and projects. The Citizen Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations ARE tax-deductible.