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World Earth Day 2024

Planet vs Plastic

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Planet vs Plastics. Many of you have seen this image of the albatross filled with bits of plastics. Many of you know that mother birds will feed their chicks plastic bits thinking they are food, starving them to death.

And now we are learning that we are becoming plastic. It is in human breast milk, in our organs, in our bloodstream. Because plastic never goes away. It breaks down into microplastics, releasing toxic chemicals that permeate our food, water and air. It disrupts our endocrine system.

The fossil fuel industry produces 380 million tons of plastic a year with plans to increase production exponentially into the future, as they see demand for gasoline declining as we transition to EVs. Some facts from the Earth Day site. [1]

  • 500 billion plastic bags – a million bags/minute – were produced worldwide last year.
  • 100 billion plastic beverage containers were sold in the US alone last year, equating to 300 bottles per person.
  • Making a plastic water bottle uses 6 times more water than the bottle contains;
  • 95% of all plastics in the US are not recycled, but incinerated, buried or littering the land and waterways.

It’s time to cut the plastic cord. Here’s how:

  • REFUSE to use single use plastic cups, bottles and bags by using reusable mugs, water bottles and produce bags. Keep these items in your car for use when you need them.[2]
  • Get political: Demand and support local, state and global bans against single use plastic bottles, bags, and plastic pollution – and international movement.[3]

What we do, personally and collectively, has an impact. Be a part of the change that needs to happen to protect the planet – our home.

[1] Planet vs. Plastics Global Theme for Earth Day 2024.

[2] Join the Reuse Revolution: Beyond Plastics 

[3] Nations agree to end plastic pollution