During 2016-17, the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts (LWVMA) conducted a study of charter schools.  At the April 2017 LWVMA Convention, our membership approved a position on charter schools.

The materials used in the LWVMA charter school study follow. They include information on how charter schools work and how they are funded, as well as the consensus questions that were considered by local Leagues.

Please note that this study and these materials were not related to the November 8, 2016 ballot question on charter schools in any way. The League did not take a stand on that ballot question precisely because we did not have a position on charter schools.

Consensus Study Materials

Introduction (2 pages)
Fundamentals (22 pages)
Funding (10 pages)
Questions (11 pages)
Response form (8 pages)
Glossary (2 pages)
Additional Reading (1 page)

Charter School Study Tools

Introduction to the LWVMA Study on Charter Schools

LWV Needham Background on Charter Schools Consolidated

22 Attendees at the LWV Northampton Charter School Consensus Study Meeting!