Connecting LWVMA with Local Leagues

LWVMA board and committee members are available to meet with local Leagues to present/discuss a variety of topics. Some suggestions are listed below. To request a topic please contact the LWVMA office ( If you have a specific date or other expectations, please let us know.

The topic does not have to be on this list. And, we do not need a packed hall for many of these topics. A board meeting, subcommittee meeting, new member orientation, a short presentation at a membership meeting, or a more substantial presentation at a community meeting are all possibilities.

This new program to connect more with local Leagues was developed by the Membership and Local League Services Committee and endorsed by the LWVMA board. We want to be flexible to your needs; do not hesitate to ask!

League Connections Topics

Talking League with the Co-presidents

Co-presidents Anne Borg and/or Marilyn Peterson can give an update on LWVMA happenings, hear feedback about League programs, and/or get input on future directions.

Meet the Executive Director

Executive Director Meryl Kessler is available to discuss LWVMA happenings and seek input on future directions.

Action priorities of LWVMA and LWVUS

Depending on your needs, this can be a short presentation of League priorities, or a more detailed discussion of ongoing legislation.

Democracy in the Balance (money and politics)

This is a meaty presentation appropriate for larger groups of members and the community.

Advocating on a specific topic of interest to your League

A legislation specialist or other program and action committee member can help your League consider advocating for a state issue.

Leagues in Massachusetts: Who are they and how do they work?

This presentation describes the 46 Leagues in Massachusetts including size, governance structure, dues, etc.

Facilitating a board retreat

This is appropriate for boards who want an outside facilitator for a board discussion.

Resources for running a local League

Whatever your League needs: website, electronic bulletin, advice working with the press, amending by laws, fundraising, managing finances and renewals, expanding membership or any combination!